Speedometer Testing Platform (patented)

YCG, Inc. with the help of Powl’s Speedometer & Auto Repair designed, developed and built the Speedometer Testing Platform (patented).  The Platform allows us to safely calibrate the speedometers on all types of vehicles including the Ford Interceptor Sedan and Utility. Any department needing calibrated within PA, simply call or email YCG! The platform will also be available for purchase out of state.  Approved in the PA Bulletin!




V-SPEC, VASCAR, Tracker Hook-up Modules

Used by state and local agencies throughout the USA!

YCG manufactures its own Electronic Odometer Module (EOM) with power.  The EOM will provide power to V-SPEC, VASCAR or Tracker as well as provide a clean VSS (vehicle speed sensor) signal from the vehicle speedometer circuit.

YCG has also developed solutions that will allow V-SPEC, VASCAR or Tracker to measure distance accurately when a not-so-usable signal is the only one available.  The solutions are available for all current police vehicles!